Lion Communication Services - DO EPIC SHOTS

Category: Best Digital PR Campaign


Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Technology / Participant

Strategy description:

CREATING AND SHARING COOL EXPERIENCES In terms of target audience, we were obviously talking to the young festival-goers. They do not only highly value experiences, but are increasingly spending time and money on them: from concerts and social events to cultural experiences and events of all kinds - 29% of millennials have attended a music festival in the last 12 months, compared to only 17% in 2014. *source: Eventbrite - The Experience Movement, December 2018 For them, happiness isn’t as focused on possessions or career status. Living a happy life is about creating and sharing memories earned through amazing, one of a kind experiences. AN EPIC WAY TO STAND OUT IN THE FESTIVAL CLUTTER To make S9 stand out in the festivals clutter and keep building on its camera innovation, we had to prove its superiority in a relevant way both for the people and for the context. So, we started from a fundamental truth of the young festival-goers: what they love the most is creating and sharing cool experiences on social media. - Facebook is the top smartphone app 84% average of active reach for the 15-35 YO users *source: Nielsen, Q3 2017 Our strategic idea was to turn the new S9 into the perfect tool for capturing the most epic summer moments.


DO EPIC SHOTS WITH S9: Make your summer holiday memorable and have extra bragging rights in social media. To make this promise happen, we focused on the main summer festivals in Romania (Neversea, Untold and Summer Well) and planned an ongoing experience, from the offline experiences to the digital moments shared on social media. • Before the festivals, in order to engage our audience, we launched the search for the Epic Squad – the creative group of friends that enrolled the most epic shot on Instagram. The winning crews received tickets, accommodation, a brand-new Galaxy S9+, and on top, one of a kind experiences together with their favorite influencers. • To cover diverse audiences, the influencers were chosen from different fields: Sînziana Iacob - fashion blogger, Octavian Graure – sneaker artist, Christina One – photographer, Cristian Vasile – photographer, Teo Rogobete - food blogger, Dana Rogoz – fashion vlogger, Cristian Muntele - blogger and radio personality. • During the festivals, we offered the participants epic brand activations and time spent with the Samsung brand ambassadors; all the time, they ware dared to do epic shots and have all-around fun at the festival. Win-win situation: we got to directly present S9’s features in use and give our audience the most epic moments, together with the perfect tool for sharing them online. Since we had to take everything from offline to online, all the experiences were amplified in real time, leveraging all the social media channels of Samsung and its brand ambassadors. • To really prove our epic promise, after the festivals, the epic squad received an amazing post festival film to brag all around their social profiles. All shot with the new S9’s reimagined camera

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