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Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Mercedes-Benz Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Auto / Participant

Strategy description:

We started with a question: what does it really take for someone to become the best? And the answer came quickly, thanks to the value DNA of Mercedes-Benz Romania. Being the best means being performant (the essence of the best), innovative & creative (the means of getting to the top), and passionate about what you encounter (having a higher purpose for everything one does). We wanted to develop a campaign about the Mercedes-Benz virtues, meant to be perceived as a Romanian legacy of long-term partnerships. The campaign had to convey honesty, decency and brilliancy, as seen through the eyes of the best. However, in a social context where valuable Romanians are prone to look for better life/career opportunities abroad, creating a value-driven campaign that speaks to a heavy mass of people was becoming a true challenge. This brought us to the strategic insight: the most efficient way to encourage people find their best is by leading by example. And this is exactly what Mercedes-Benz does: it drives you towards the best! Even though our followers have had already found the key ingredients to be their best version, they needed some encouragements to rise to the occasion and truly become “the best or nothing”, which is also the brand’s mantra. Everyone needs a mentor in order to reach new heights! We started from local media consumption insights (Proprietary Kaleidoscope Proximity Research; data collected statistically relevant in January 2016, 18-54, Romania): 4/5 Romanians spend, on average, 2hours & 30 minutes on YouTube, 70% of white collars used the internet in the last 7 days on their mobile devices to access YouTube & 88% of them Facebook, and 79% of blue collars used the internet in the last 7 days on their mobile devices to access YouTube & 91% of them Facebook. Moreover, Romanians are in love with TV content (6 hours/day – the average Romanian’s TV consumption rate); therefore, we had a clear image of what will truly ring the bells of Romanians: quality video content that speaks to them and the possibility of taking a bigger part in what the brand has to say. This led to the strategic approach: to build a content-based campaign, centered on how the Mercedes-Benz values are embodied in some of Romania’s most appreciated personalities. In short, we wanted to pass on the legacy of being the best through the power of example. And we have done this by creating the 1st Romanian online show that put the audience in the shoes of the best, through a mentorship meet-up.


All communication efforts have been thought as part of a digital communication ecosystem in which the website was the communication hub, and also an inspiration depository for those who wanted to become the best version of themselves. We also employed a mix of online and offline materials to generate awareness for the show, targeting a broad target (19-54, male & female), via the dealerships network, Facebook, AOD programming, and print advertisements. Aiming to launch 4 online episodes every 2 weeks, the communication funnel was layered in 3 phases: the teasing, the recruitment process and the reveal, all leading to the grand outcome: to guide 4 people through a full-day mentorship experience with Mercedes-Benz chosen ambassadors (Andreea Esca, Catalin Stefanescu, Andi Moisescu, Camelia Potec). And for us to reach the best suitable candidates, a strategic mix of content and media approaches was needed. Teasing phase: To accomplish our objective and re-enforce the bond between Mercedes-Benz and its all-time virtues, we prepared our ground for the recruitment phase by using online content, endorsed by our ambassadors as a teaser. We wanted for our audience to get in touch with our ambassadors in a different way, through videos in which they revealed personal secrets regarding their affinities, jobs, passions or family. We prepared the perfect set for future participants and introduced the campaign in a way only storytelling can achieve, on the campaign website (http://peurmelecelormaibuni.ro/). Recruitment phase: Our main target for the recruitment process were young aspiring professionals eager to make a name for themselves, while following their passion, regardless the professional path they choose. Various communication materials had been accurately targeted and deployed to redirect users to our campaign website: - Facebook Posts & Ads with call to action for recruitment, both on behalf of the brand and the ambassadors - Dedicated brand video manifesto that was launched at the beginning of the campaign, both on YouTube & Facebook (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bK41VopnH4E) All communication efforts led to the campaign hub, where the audience was taught how to apply for the mentorship program and answer a series of questions that might have helped us find the brightest minds.

Case visual: