Jazz Communication2 - The 2 Million + Department. A 24 hours Facebook Live Celebration

Category: Best Digital PR Campaign


Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Retail / Participant

Strategy description:

OBJECTIVES Lidl’s Facebook page is one the most popular page with one of the most active communities built around a brand, in Romania. Naturally, the most active fans are also our store's customers. Therefore, most of the interactions and questions are related to our offers and products. No surprise. Through this campaign we wanted to create a new engagement benchmark by offering our fans a different & surprising kind of content: - brand building & brand likeability : find an entertaining and disruptive way to communicate this milestone, while consolidating our position as a trend setter in social media communication; - engagement: overcome the biggest numbers of comments and interactions ever achieved: likes, reactions, comments, shares & clicks; - visibility: drive organic reach to take the conversation outside the FB page as well. PLANNING The biggest share of our audience on Facebook was in the 18-34 y.o. range and it was one of our key objectives to maintain this proportion, plus to attract more Young Families in our community, on long term. Therefore in building the campaign we started from young adults’ affinities regarding social media consumption: - 2 of the key reason reasons of young adults in surfing on social media is relaxation & inspiration; - top 2 watched types of videos watched on FB are related to FUN/jokes/pranks (60%) & ENTERTAIN-MENT/music/contests (53%); (source: Starcom – Consumer Report 2017 & Romanian Online Video Consumption 2017)


CREATIVE IDEA: To celebrate our fans, we created a special department at LIDL: The 2.000.000+ Department. INNOVATION: This was the first 24 hours LIVE-sessions marathon ever made by a brand in Romania. It was an activation that almost turned the social media channel into a TV station for 1 day, with significant timing and implementation efforts. WHO WERE THE DEPARTMENT ”EMPLOYEES”? The endorsers and online influencers that joined LIDL’s campaigns during the last years: Teo’s kitchen, TV De Ce, Shurubel, Chef Florin Dumitrescu, Alex Damian and Andrei Aradits. But to make things even more entertaining we created a fictional character: Codruț, the clumsy guy that has the best intentions, but somehow always manages to screw things up in the end. WHAT WAS THE DEPARTMENT „MISSION” ? A celebration day including: - 24 Live sessions, 1 for every hour - 24 challenges for the fans, 1 for every hour - 24 prizes + a big prize: a trip around the world for 2 persons IMPLEMENTATION The teasing campaign showcased the team’s selection and their first shots for the campaign, in a very clumsy and humorous way, meant to drive expectation and excitement. The Big Day: We started with Virgin Radio’s morning show broadcasted LIVE from our rooftop. The team was ready and up for the hourly challenges. Paired in two teams they had fun playing air hockey with greasy cooking gloves, had a sumo fight dressed in funny costumes, they even took a toilet paper fight. And some of the challenges even took place in LIDL stores. To win the promised prizes, fans had to choose the winning team for each challenge, by leaving a comment to the post.

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