- Future Chatbot

Category: Best Content Marketing Project

Client: Vodafone Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2017 / Telecom / Winner

Strategy description:

Vodafone celebrates 20 years since they have entered the Romanian market. On this occasion, we developed a campaign that reminds customers about the technological developments experienced in these past 20 years, in the same time offering a glimpse of the next 20 years. One of the biggest challenges was how to reach and engage with youngsters (14-24 years old). Youngsters are using less and less the traditional media. They spend a lot of time online. Still, even online, as they were literally born with the technology in hand, they have developed a natural ad blindness. They have a very fragmented digital consumption pattern – spend time on different digital platforms and value privacy and the absence of ads. Obviously, stalking them with banners was clearly not the way to go. However, we found out teens don’t reject brands. So the content should be something it would attract their attention, something they would share. One of their most frequent behavior online is the Chat conversation - like Facebook Messenger and Whatsap. Using these insights, our challenge was again: HOW CAN WE TAKE PART IN THEIR CONVERSATION? The answer: Future Chatbot - The first CONTENT CHATBOT. How it works (see also the video): Once the user engages with the Future Chatbot, it will share interesting facts about how things were 20 years ago and how they could be 20 years from now. This happens in the form of natural conversations on Messenger, with back-and-forth dialogue, as in a normal conversation with a friend.


“Tell me something new” “Tell me something interesting” “Make it fun” The key ingredient to success was to MAKE THE CONVERSATION NATURAL AND INTERESTING – like talking with another person. Human to human online conversations in general are about witty language, sharing links and images, GIFs or interesting videos, but also about sharing relevant information. This is why we put a lot of thinking into BUILDING AN INTERESTING PERSONALITY FOR FUTURE CHATBOT: through choice of topics, tone of voice, wording, response length and timing of replies. It does not just spurt information, it asks questions, shows personal opinions and reacts to users’ answers. Many chatbots rely on the novelty factor, and include very limited actual content. Future Chatbot is designed to provide long-term, rich engagement through high volume and quality of content: it started with 300 lines of content clustered in 6 big topics, plus responses to open, unscripted input from the users. TESTING AND OPTIMIZING WAS VERY IMPORTANT Before launch we evaluated multiple conversations scenarios to develop flows that are perceived as natural dialogue. Then, we have continuously monitored the conversations flow looking for glitches and unexpected exchanges. We constantly fixed and improved, enriching the topics of most interest. The media support was minimal – just one Facebook ad campaign, to build awareness. We wanted Future Chatbot to earn a natural place in users’ messenger list and not be perceived as an ad.

Case visual: