AVON had to be relevant to a younger generation, as it does not have a place in the millennials conversations. In communicating with brand audience, there were many attempts to be cool, up-to-date, with new technologies and enjoyable content, but somehow all of this passed by unnoticed by a young generation prone to blocking advertising. It was time that instead of interrupting their digital experience, the brand should natively blend in their experience. Instead of asking users to do something, we reverse it by offering them something first: entertainment value!

Together with Leo Burnett & Screen Native, Avon designed a gamified experience that guided the user through the entire Avon Universe, in a fun, entertaining and interactive way. The Beauty Games (“Jocurile Frumusetii”) was based on online & offline challenges grouped on 3 dimmensions: Beauty, Social and Business. It mirrored the experience of a real game, with a leveled structure, with a unique profile, with real time scoring, with social media layer. Even the incentive mechanics was adapted to gaming behavior: instead of applying for a classical promotional raffle, prizes were granted to those gaining highest number of points by fulfilling most levels, thus answering to most Avon related questions and exploring most of AVON Universe. Influencers and AVON specialists were embedded in the challenge presentations thru photos, videos and gifs in order to improve the likeability of the platform and guide users to the challenges.

As millenials are equally motivated to play a game both for winning prizes (52%) and take part in competition itself (50%), media needed to both attract players and keep alive the competitive spirit, determining them to explore as much as possible AVON Universe, by going through multiple game levels (data from Starcom Romanian Gamers Study: CAWI performed on 2563 respondents in March 2016).
It was obvious that traditional digital media approach was not the solution on this brief. We had specific conversion KPI (new accounts & engagement & in game retention), to be achieved in a very emotional and abstract environment (gaming) as opposed to usual conversion driven KPIs specific to e-commerce.

Accounts: 15,000
Engagement rate (accounts that performed at least one challenge): 50%
In game retention (accounts that performed more than one challenge): 30%
General Information:
Strategy: Considering the challenge, we had to completely transform the regular media approach, by turning branding communication into 1:1 dynamic targeting, anchored in real-time insights based on user actions inside and outside The Beauty Games.

We used gaming industry specific user acquisition & engagement techniques, enabled by CRM ad tech, in a brand environment:
1. PHASING: game launch campaign & in-game engagement campaign
2. TRACKING: custom tracking of in-game activity at account level for each player.
3. OPTIMIZATION: based on a thorough understanding of the ways in which people interacted with the game. We based optimization actions on cohort analysis performed on data provided by custom in-game analytics data.
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