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Category: Best Performance Campaign

Client: Avon

Year / Domain / Status: 2017 / Cosmetics / Winner

Strategy description:

Considering the challenge, we had to completely transform the regular media approach, by turning branding communication into 1:1 dynamic targeting, anchored in real-time insights based on user actions inside and outside The Beauty Games. We used gaming industry specific user acquisition & engagement techniques, enabled by CRM ad tech, in a brand environment: 1. PHASING: game launch campaign & in-game engagement campaign 2. TRACKING: custom tracking of in-game activity at account level for each player. 3. OPTIMIZATION: based on a thorough understanding of the ways in which people interacted with the game. We based optimization actions on cohort analysis performed on data provided by custom in-game analytics data.


Success of the campaign was a clear mix of digital media, complex analytics implementations and in-game engagement techniques that addressed users along the conversion funnel. 1. GAME LAUNCH: activate the upper funnel with a prospecting campaign for new accounts. Main channels used are specific to user acquisition campaigns specific to gaming industry: - Programmatic display and video: audience strategy was based on several layers specific both to audience (millennials, female) as well as campaign specifics (gaming, challenges inside the game). We used Adobe Audience Manager for frequency management & sequential messaging to showcase all game challenges. - Social media: we used Instagram and Facebook to pull users to game site, by turning social audience segments from passive observers to active participants. - Influencer marketing: replicate approach specific to game marketing, promoting game “trailers” to raise interest on game challenges and choose 3 influencers to endorse one challenge each - Affiliate marketing: leverage traditional relationship with affiliates belonging to 2Performant network. - Search: used mainly as support channel to address any queries related to campaign Upper funnel campaign performance: • Best performing media channels: Affiliate Marketing, Facebook advertising (video ads, carousel ads best formats) and Google Search • GDN, DBM and other display channels delivered good results in terms of CTR and qualitative traffic • TrueView Ads on YouTube were really good for awareness and also traffic (44% view rate) • Instagram ads delivered a small amount of conversions but achieved a really good CPL The Beauty Games creatives were designed to trigger 3 basic needs: winning, gaining status and desire to play. We started with all of them and we optimize it on the go according with the real-time results, insight and patterns from analytics and really deep media reports. 2. IN-GAME ENGAGEMENT: activate the lower funnel with a campaign focused on increasing the game usage. We set up Innertrends as a custom analytics solution in order to track account data, and used Intercom as in-game CRM solution to retain the best players and treat players differently based on information collected regarding their general in-game preferences. Based on Intercom data, we performed cohort analysis on game users to track onboarding pace and to generate insights into their gaming behavior (passes from onboarding to churn). Cohort analysis on user data is a data analysis technique extensively employed in gaming industry to increase engagement rates and in-game purchases. The insights were activated in a complex decision tree that modeled segmentation strategy, frequency of contact per segment, and messaging strategy to address users at different stages of game engagement. Using Intercom, the CRM tech employed to address users based on account information, we activated a full automation scheme to serve in-site notification and e-mails (detailed decision tree is attached to the case).

Case visual:

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