Provident Financial came to Romania in 2006, bringing the clear British vision and business model to the Romanian non-financial market. The “people first” vision applies not only to its customers, but also to its employees, where their needs, plans and ambitions always come first.
One of the most important departments inside Provident as a company is the call-center. The call-center employees are the first contact of the company with its potential customers, so it is very important that the people working there are satisfied with their day to day work. However, call-center jobs are seen as stressful and not rewarding by the qualified youth, and employee turnover in this department is extremely high.
General Information:
Strategy: For a company that is constantly looking to hire qualified professionals who can contribute to the company growth, it was imperative that its employer image was accurately represented in the market. We needed to make a statement and show that Provident is not the average employer, but one that treats its employees with respect and that it values their satisfaction.
As objectives, we set out to generate a positive conversation around Provident as an employer brand, by launching the first campaign in a series of employer branding initiatives that are planned to roll out over the course of the next 3 years.
We aimed to expose our campaign to as many people as possible in the online environment (min. 200.000 unique views) and build a positive employer image among existing and potential employees, as a company which cares about its people and also to consolidate Provident’s brand reputation among opinion leaders, in the online environment.
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