Ever since its inception 130 years ago, Avon offered women the opportunity to be CEOs of their own businesses and control their economic destiny. That is why their core belief is that beauty is the journey, with empowerment being the destination. The company’s business model is based on direct sales through Avon sales representatives.

Avon has been present in Romania for 20 years, thus cementing a leadership position within the beauty category, but at the same time acquiring throughout the years the image of an ‘old’ company, with the main part of its sales representatives increasing in age and mentality gap with the new millennial generation. Close to 70% of the sale representatives pool is 35+.
At the same time, the young generation is not aware of everything that Avon means nowadays. So, even if the company presents a load of exciting opportunities and is involved with all latest digital trends, as well as a multitude of social causes, the image barrier stops our younger target from considering Avon as a potential career partner. Being an Avon representative is not something aspirational anymore.

Our brief was to challenge millennials (18-29, urban women that never registered as a representative before) to discover and get involved more with the Avon universe in order to improve brand affinity among group target and to interact with all brand dimensions, also inspiring them in the long run to convert into a sales representative.

We planned on reaching one million millennials with our campaign messages and have 100.000 unique users interact with our digital assets.
As for business objectives, we aimed to gain 15.000 contacts and to incremental growth versus usual recruitment campaigns, also increase traffic in avon.ro during Black Friday season.
After this campaign, we wanted a +10% on brand consideration, +40% on brand website visited and +30% in brand info search.

At the same time, this campaign was also aimed at supporting Avon’s own millennial representatives in recruiting easier people from the primary target group and improving their sense of pride for being part of the Avon Community.
General Information:
Strategy: We knew that a traditional promotion would not resonate with our target, but rather a route offering valuable content that is both rewarding and entertaining.

We needed to create a digital centric campaign, around a digital product that would allow our target to curate and create content and test their skills against their peers. Thus, we designed ‘Jocurile Frumusetii’ – the new Game for women, meaning a responsive web platform that provides a gamified interactive experience.
Through solving challenges, the platform guided the user through the entire Avon Universe, in a fun, entertaining and interactive way.

By solving the challenges, the users could gain points in order to win attractive prizes. The prizes were awarded by skill only, meaning the user with the most points at the end of the campaign would win the prize, no lucky draws or raffles. This type of rewarding system resembles Avon business strategy where you can gain more if you work harder.

The experience we provide should be WOW & FUN without the prizes, but irresistible with prizes!
In this manner we made sure that we offered a valuable and unconventional brand experience, fun in itself, providing fun, knowledge and gain, whilst allowing our target to immerse in the Avon universe.

At the same time, the behavioral patterns of our users would have allowed us to segment them based on their interests and skills for future potential uses (potential business partners, social influencers or beauty makeup experts).
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