Endangered nature and species are legally protected by laws of the European Union (The Birds and Habitats Directives). These laws were in the process of being checked by the European Commission if they should be changed.
WWF wanted the laws to not be weakened, rather better implemented.
Thus, they were searching for an idea that can inspire and mobilize thousands of people across Europe to take action and ask their national minister to act.
There’s nothing more relaxing than going from the urban noise and stressful urban lifestyle to the relaxed and laid-back nature-inspired life. And so was born “Turn Up the Volume Of Nature”. A digital campaign where we made it easy and fun for people to compose their own nature song by selecting different nature sounds. And while at it, they could send their message and unique nature songs to the local environment minister as a reminder to take action.
Over 300 hours of nature music was created, over 60.000 songs were sent to European Environment Ministers and in December the main goal was achieved. The Commission evaluation concluded that these directives are vital for Europe's nature conservation policy and as such, their implementation needs to be improved.

You can find the video case study here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!ArvnYMaTMCvN3lAtwaadKTJA0J-H
General Information:
Strategy: The objective of the campaign was for citizens to take online action, to ask their national Environment minister not to change the directives but ensure a better implementation. The aim was that all Environment ministers in Europe get the same message at the same time and thus this amplifies the message.

The strategy was to deliver a message that can inspire and mobilize thousands of EU citizens and we did that in a playful and positive manner.
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