Jacobs Kronung – one of the biggest coffee brands in Romania and not only stands for those precious moments spent together with your loved ones. Instead of talking about the taste of the coffee, Jacobs Kronung is talking about the power of the Pamperaroma that creates moments of togetherness by bringing people together over a cup of coffee.
Although the brand is well known in Romania, in digital “the power of Pamperaroma” hasn’t been felt yet, Jacobs being more of a traditional/family/romantic brand than an innovative one.
- Making Jacobs Kronung a cool/relevant brand in the digital era, without changing it’s DNA of bringing people together and creating special moments between them.
- Increase brand likability though a digital brand campaign;
- Generating trial of the coffee product in the younger and more dynamic target segment.
General Information:
Strategy: Being all about “bringing people together over a cup of coffee” might seem a little obsolete for these digital times where we spend more time shared with our smartphones than with our friends or family. And this was our biggest challenge.
How can we make Jacobs Kronung relevant though its brand mission in a digitalized world?
Not by fighting the trend but challenging it back.
So, we used exactly the smartphone to challenge people all around Romania not to scroll but to spend more real time together with their loved ones.
There’s no way we could steal their phones so we convinced them to block their devices voluntarily, rediscovering the beauty of real close moments.
This is why, we created a mobile-website with a twist: it was the first mobile-website where you had to specifically do nothing. The mobile-website actively encouraged and rewarded users if they didn't swipe, tap… well move from that specific screen in any way for a few minutes.

An active counter recorded the time spent without any interaction, time the visitors could use to start a real conversation with someone dear. The minutes logged on the website counter generated coffee cups with user’s personal messages that were gifted to strangers across the country to start other real conversations.
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