MullenLowe Profero - My Heartbeats

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: Orange

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Telecom / Winner

Strategy description:

Our strategic objective was to release a national sales offer campaign for Valentine’s Day, in the most memorable and effective way. We followed the insight that our target (youngsters, 18-35, urban) is hard to impress on Valentine’s Day due to the huge amount of information on the topic they see everywhere. So we’ve decided to create for them the most authentic and personal experience, an original brand mobile app that helps lovers connect their hearts. For simply doing that, they were rewarded with our offer, free Mb of Internet. In a period when mobile applications tend to lose their impact, we’ve put our strategical bets on innovation and technology, creating the mobile app My Heartbeats (send your heart sound to your lover) and amplify its communication with the special edition My Heartbeats print (have a taste of how the mobile app works) and a special in store display project.


We created My Heartbeats - the first Smartphone application that allows you to send the sound of your heart to the person you love. And we built our Valentine’s Day campaign around this catchy and lovable application. Once you installed My Heartbeats, all you had to do was to place your finger on the Smartphone’s camera; the app detected your accurate heart rate and transformed it into a 10 seconds recording of your heart. Play it, listen to it and than send it to that special person in your life so he can hear the sound of your heart. In order to encourage the customers to use the app, the first three sounds sent or recieved were awarded by Orange with 10 times more Mb of internet than their actual heart rate recorded in the application. My Heartbeats campaign was launched without the TV support, but only with posters, interactive outdoors, web banners, social media and a special print ad where people could test the mechanics of the upcoming mobile app by pushing two buttons that recorded their real heart rate at the moment.

Case visual: