Mediaedge CIA Romania - GlamSmileStyle - Colgate Max White Expert Launch

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Colgate Palmolive

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Fmcg / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

We uncovered a great consumer insight: white teeth are not about hard facts dentist’s advice, but the hidden and often not acknowledged need of women to feel glamourous. So, we stopped talking about toothpaste rational benefits and dentists endorsements and focused on REVEALING THE GLAMOUR IN EVERY WOMAN. We needed to arrest the public agenda, to position Colgate Max White as a fashion statement and to dismiss the “mainstream brand“ perception.


We partnered with the most awaited fashion event of the fall Glamour Street Fashion Show. The Glamour Street Fashion Show 2015 was about best outfit for day to day and we wanted a Colgate white smile to be part of women’s daily outfit. We wanted an engaged audience, so we challenged the women to enter a contest catered by top fashion bloggers. The participants needed to upload a photo of their best smile and the one receiving most votes from users and the fashion bloggers would win a place on the Show’s catwalk as Colgate Max White Ambassador. We made Colgate Max White launch a central part of the Glamour Street Fashion event, owning a great presence in both the campaign preceding the event, as well as at the event itself with full branding of the most visited section about the event- the Fashion Street contest, as well as articles about the product and contextualized display ads, video at the event and contextual product placements.

Case visual: