Mediaedge CIA Romania - 31 Pleasures

Category: Best Social Media Campaign

Client: Danone

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Food / Participant

Strategy description:

Obviously, the campaign was putting women at the center, yet it was in the end another activation offering prizes, with people hunting those prizes and not really building on the brand attributes. We wanted more than “bribing” women to buy from this campaign. We needed women emotionally involved with Cremosso. In order to build the much needed emotional involvement we leveraged a great insight: These great gifts are even more valuable if offered by their significant one. We leveraged the perfect context of the so called “horror triade” 14th of February, 1st of March and 8th of March. This is a man’s perspective, as men are under pressure to give inspired tokens of their consideration to their soulmates.


So, in a 100% women dedicated campaign, we have added an extra layer targeting men and offering them a solution to offer a fantastic surprise to their wife or girlfriend. We needed to be authentic and relevant and to speak men’s language. So we need guys to tell guys in a guy-to-guy funny manner about the Cremosso promotion. We concentrated all efforts in social media content production by producing an online dedicated video in collaboration with the 10lucruri Vloggers and targeted it to men only. Also we had the blog blogulluiotrava, generating content relevant for a male audience.

Case visual: