Mediaedge CIA Romania -

Category: Best Social Media Campaign

Client: Vodafone

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Telecom / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

The core of the campaign has been the leverage of a great insight: Vloggers are quite popular among Romanian youth, yet the dialogue between the KOLs and their audience is not really a dialogue, we mean a one-to-one, personal dialogue. Once this tension point had been identified, we have managed to build on it by facilitating direct conversation between KOLs and their fans by phone and used Facebook platform's perfect context for conversation for giving even more power and relevance to an already strong insight. So we gave the audience the chance for a triple win: personally talk to their most loved Vlogger while winning data and credit on their sim and the opportunity to win a smartwatch!


We used Facebook as a backbone component, with a complementary presence on YouTube and display for ensuring Reach. Needless to say that the KOLs and their Facebook footprint were at the core of the project. We have done that using a very simple, yet, powerful insight: The KOLs already had a direct liaison with their audience on Facebook, we have taken that to a whole new level by enabling users to have a one to one direct conversation via telephone with their favorite Vlogger. We developed a platform – ( - where consumers would sign up to be called by and chat over the phone with their favorite vlogger Also, here users could find details about the offer, as well as funny videos with cuts from the conversations. Eligibility: the participants ought to be Vodafone prepaid customers (or to sign up to switch to Vodafone) and to put their contact details in each vlogger’s dedicated page on the platform and thus they would become eligible to be called by the influencers during a live show. The longest and most entertaining conversation was then rewarded with a Samsung smartwatch. We aired the three-hours long live shows on through the VDF YT channel and shared them on the Vodafone FB page We had KOLs posting on their FB pages their implication into the #haisunama campaign. Also we have initiated a performance oriented, Facebook driven campaign, promoting customized content created for Facebook. One week before the event, we have initiated a Website Clicks campaign on Facebook in order to facilitate direct access to the #haisunama platform for registering into the competition. Also, the event was announced on Vodafone Romania Facebook page so we started to promote the Facebook posts, optimizing for engagement. In the end we had a video mashup optimized for video views. Moreover, we have implemented conversion tracking codes into haisunama online platform in order to have a full picture of the validity of the entries and be able to optimize in real time. For targeting, we have made an in-depth socio-demographic audience analysis altering the targeting in order to reach the most engaged users. We have analyzed the ad placements looking for best conversion generators and for that matter we have allocated over 80% of the focus on mobile, as this touch point showed best results by far. Also, we have noticed a significant number of conversions coming from promoted posts, so we have leveraged this area. This made the quality of the Facebook specific content a key driver for success. Each activation was promoted by a digital campaign based on FB ads, FB promoted posts, and display banners. Each vlogger invited their community to take part in the event, this way we extended the Reach of the campaign.

Case visual: