Mindshare - Dove 'I am beautiful'

Category: Best Social Media Campaign

Client: Unilever

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Cosmetics / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Even though European men voted them the most beautiful women on the continent, only 3% of Romanian women think of themselves as being beautiful. For the International Women’s Day, Dove wanted to change this statistic and the overall perception on beauty. The campaign aimed at getting women to declare “I am beautiful” on social media to increase their self-esteem and an online counter on our site would keep track of these statements. The counter would be featured in all campaigned media, in order to empower even more women and get them to register in the campaign.


The campaign set off on the 18th of February and lasted for 3 weeks, until the 10th of March. Dove “I am beautiful” campaign was launched through a video manifesto revolving around the idea that women are afraid to say “I am beautiful” because they believe others will consider they are bragging or arrogant. In the video, women were encouraged to like their selfies and post ‘#iambeautiful’ on social media, for everyone to see. The architecture of the campaign involved the following pillars: - powerful online campaign, focused on Facebook and supported by special display, but also with a video component (YouTube and video banners) - TV campaign supporting the online campaign, using premium, non-standard exposure - digital OOH - in-store campaign Within the Facebook campaign, Creative canvas was used for Reach & Frequency, ads, promoted posts, with the right targeting, providing 52% of the reach in just 3 days ( about 1.5 mil people out of the total target of 3,000,000 women). As a comparison, the reach provided by the whole FB campaign was 72% (2,176,478 people) over a period of 3 week time. Also, the creative Canvas delivered a great response rate for our campaign, bringing about 20% (8,000 women) of the total of almost 40,000 women that stated "I am beautiful". Overall, the campaign reached 90% of the women target.

Case visual: