Mediaedge CIA Romania - Hey Girl - Micellar Water

Category: Best Content Marketing Project

Client: Beiersdorf

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Cosmetics / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Our objective was to increase market share versus previous year and fight L’Oreal’s leadership in the segment. Another big challenge for us was to EDUCATE about NIVEA’s Micelar Water promise: QUICK AND EFFECTIVE MAKE-UP REMOVAL. Well, another brand that wants to educate the youngsters – boring! Not too appealing for them. How about enticing them? We knew that our audience is digital savvy and loves video content. We had our aperture, but not a plan of attack yet. WE KNEW THEY’D RATHER LISTEN TO ANOTHER GIRL THAN TO A BRAND. WE DECIDED THAT GIRL TO GIRL CONVERSATION WILL BE OUR PLAN OF ATTACK. We needed to make it authentic and answer genuine girl to girl questions: Hey, girl, do you know this trick to clean your face hassle free? Hey, girl, I bet you I can remove my whole make-up in less than 2 minutes!


The Make-up Removal Task The Backbone of our communication was partnership with three of the most appealing female bloggers for our target. Each of them created a set of 3 articles, which incorporated video content – 2 tips for make-up removal and an answer to the NIVEA challenge: remove their make-up in less than 2 minutes. Additionally, the bloggers challenged their readers to a make-up removal contest. We had a great owned asset - a dedicated platform – The Care Academy ( ). We developed a special section dedicated to make-up removal. In this way the whole communication led to a much wider source of information delivered by NIVEA. We had also TV support, in order to ensure the Reach, but it was just a point of parity against L’Oreal. We needed authentic connection with the audience and that went way beyond the reach of TV.

Case visual: