Geometry Global - Campania Oamenilor Invizibili / Semnatura pentru Viata

Category: Best Native Advertising Campaign/Project

Client: Observator - Antena 1

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Entertainment and the media / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Because Observator is one of the most watched television programs in Romania on a generalist TV channel, the target is also extremely vast. We talk to people of all ages and social statuses in cities and in rural areas, people who are involved in the phenomenon more or even not at all. We had to find different forms through which the message to reach simple, clear and native to each of those people. And the action, the purpose we proposed to them through the campaign, to be easy to access and interesting for each of them. The Invisible People campaign was born naturally, because the creative team entered the story and assumed it entirely. The campaign is not about to supporting organ donation, but rather about the revolt you feel when you realize that your desire is not met, whether that means you want to be a donor, you want to donate when you are a caregiver, or you or a close one need a transplant. When what you do means nothing, when your power of decision is 0, it's like you don;t exist. You're practically invisible. You signing is pointless because it does not matter anyway. So we said – the presenters of Observator are also invisible. And that urged viewers to sign the petition. Signature for life. As people gathered to support our cause, the presenters became visible again. In each environment, we addressed the issue in a completely different manner, acting native on the channels that allowed that. We turned the TV presenters invisible and we gradually brought them to light, as signatures were coming in real time. We asked for signatures on the web and in exchange we offered a picture with the personalized campaign visual, made of signatures, with the name of the new signatory embbeded. On Facebook we offered personalized messages from endorsers who made their profile pictures from Signatures for life. For mobile, we created the native application Signature for life, that lets you sign the petition through a selfie. Once you took this selfie, you get your portrait made from signatures, exactly like in the campain KV.


The campaign was primarily created for tv. We had ample material for over eight minutes, week by week, with stories of the protagonists in the mirror. The presenters were "invisible" during streaming time and the counter for the petition signatures was permanently on display. People could enter the campaign landing page on the site to sign the petition in real time and make visible the presenters on the glass. The online messages were approached natively. A web mechanics - asks for petition signatures and provides a cover for Facebook in their exchange, named Embed supporter. Another mechanic - Facebook - required signatures and provides personalized messages from endorsers for every supporter who enters the campaign. The Social Media campaign brought, besides visibility and engagement, a n impressive number of vocal endorsers. Besides the online campaign that promoted this petition, we have developed a mobile app through which you could sign the petition in a more personal way. You sign could sign directly on you smartphone’s screen, then you took a selfie that was decomposed in signatures, just like the visual campaign. So you get your portrait made of signatures, just like the visual campaign.  The communication campaign is not massive, such a topic does not need paid media. We used our own channels (TV, online, social media of Intact Trust) and have promoted the same mobile application in the same environments. Reach major course was completed viralizarea campaign. The major reach was completed by the campaign becoming viral.

Case visual: