Jazz Communication - Provident - Autodenunt/ Provident - Self-denouncement

Category: Best Video Campaign


Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Finance / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Well, you apply an old and wise principle, stating that “if you can’t beat them, join them”. In other words, if you cannot persuade them by denying allegations, ADMIT to them. Therefore, we designed an unexpected and self-ironical online company apology, in which we offered a humorous, alternative explanation for the unfortunate confusion between Provident and actual loan sharks: the terrible mistake of hiring Mr. Lonnie Shark (English for “Camataru”, a common Romanian surname). The campaign follows the steps of the internal investigation started by Provident, in an attempt to clear the name of the whole industry. By presenting the absurd result it exposes the absurdity of the allegations. The demonstration is completed by rational arguments regarding Provident’s way of doing business, woven into the hilarious script and also featured on the campaign landing page. The campaign was aimed at both existing and potential Provident clients, low to medium income, with Internet access and opinion leaders from social media (journalists and bloggers). Objectives: • Generate campaign awareness (expose the creative content to at least 500.000 unique online viewers, attract minimum 40,000 unique users to the Provident web page during the campaign period). • Generate positive association and feedback for Provident via online, among both the commercial target and the opinion leaders.


The campaign had at its core a funny video commercial, in which Provident self-ironically apologises for the only “rational” explanation one could think of when connecting the company/industry to actual loan sharks: the unfortunate hiring of the otherwise innocent and utterly professional Mr. Lonnie Shark (Camataru). While apologising, the video delivered rational arguments regarding Provident’s correct relationship to its clients, by illustrating the whole client-company interactions, from the first contact - the home visit, to the financial solutions presentation, loan granting and paying process. The media strategy focused on promoting the video and on attracting people on the Provident webpage which offered more video content and answers to FAQ. We placed the main video on the Provident YouTube channels and embedded it on the Provident website, via a dedicated landing page, for 3 weeks. The campaign was promoted in social media and through PR activation. Online: YouTube video ads, Facebook & Google ads Traditional media: PR press release to announce the campaign launch sent to M&A and generalist media PR Blitz: 15 key journalists were visited at their working points by the „HR Manager” from the video commercial together with the Provident PR team – they presented the commercial and offered other info regarding industry myths. Provident social media channels: YouTube channel, twitter and LinkedIn accounts Budget: <50 000 euro

Case visual:

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.