Category: Best Content Marketing Project

Client: Mondelez Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Food / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

As the leader of the confectionary category in Romania, Milka always sets out to surpass itself through both innovative products and communication. Each new product brings a new opportunity to reach and engage new consumers while offering Milka fans extra reasons to love the brand more. MARKETING CHALLENGE Launching Milka Collage was no exception, quite the contrary. A new type of chocolate shaped like a tablet, but with a different look abd offering a more refined tasting sensation based on its unique mix of quality ingredients floating in a softly melting center. An innovative product in the Milka portfolio which also reflected in its shelf price – up to 30% more expensive vs. regular Milka tablets. The campaign goal was to raise awareness for this new product among the category’s value shoppers: women, 20-40 years old, mid-to-high income & education, who enjoy chocolate as a personal end-of-the-day reward and usually choose premium pralines, such as Ferrero Rocher or Toffifee. For Milka Collage, the campaign itself was a mix between international assets – such as the TVC - and the local digital amplification – where consumers could take part in the launch campaign, too. While the TVC focused on enticing consumers to try the new product via luscious product shots, our local digital amplification campaign went beyond product demo and designed the digital experience around users interacting with the product’s name and what it’s stands for. In line with its higher price positioning & refined recipe, we aimed to position Milka Collage as a true work of (sweet) art and challenge our target to discover the product using by appealing to their own creative side. OBJECTIVES Get prospect consumers to discover the new product – its ingredients and name – and via this discovery to perceive it as a more premium Milka range. Based on our previous digital campaigns’ results – such as the customizable e-cards website created for “I Love Milka” (February ’15) where users had to select a pre-set message or write one themselves, or the “Write to Lila” activation (December ‘15) when users could choose a poem written by Ivcelnaiv (popular Romanian contemporary poet) or write their own verses, our objectives for the Collage website were to surpass our previous digital results, as follows: - Gather at least 10000 collages (vs. 6203 virtual cards sent via the “I Love Milka” website and 7788 tender wishes sent in winter) - Bounce rate under 60% (vs. 68,32% scored by “I Love Milka” & 74,30% by “Write to Lila”) - Average session duration of 3 minutes (vs. previous 00:01:09 and 00:01:03) - Achieve a higher rate of returning visitors of at least 18% (vs. 11,6% and 15,1%) But do so with a smaller media budget compared to other Milka multi-channel campaigns. To put things in perspective, our entire media investment - including TV, OOH & digital media - amounted to just 40% of the media budget invested in the previous ”Write to Lila” Milka winter digital activation.


The www.collagemilka.ro website was the very definition of content marketing. By offering users the chance to discover each ingredient and user their creativity, each collage they created and shared on their Facebook walls brought extra exposure to both the campaign & product. No wonder that social media was responsible for 50% of traffic, and moreover, the bounce rate from social media was historically low at only 21,90%. Via lucky draw, users could win prizes consisting in Milka Collage products – awarded daily - and 3 graphic tablets at the end of the campaign. After creating an account, or simply logging in with Facebook, users could create their own collage using Milka ingredients. Raspberries, caramel, liquid chocolate, hazelnuts, biscuits, chunks of dark chocolate and many more ingredients & delicious shapes became tools for unique works of art which people could create & name onsite and then share on their social media profile as well as save on their computer. The enthusiasm of one particular participant drew our attention when she created 574 collages. Yes, 574, in just 2 days. So we thanked Mrs. Nicoleta Lupu with a special video – a real time video reaction posted on the official Milka Facebook page that sparked buzz & positive impressions among Facebook fans and bloggers.

Case visual: