MSLGROUP The Practice - Samsung #TomorrowMe

Category: Best Mobile Branded App

Client: Samsung Electronics Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Social campaigns / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Samsung was set to assume the leader role in CSR and to exploit the trend of education to employment (E2E), adapted to the needs of each generation. Together with experts in psychology and sociology, we identified the liminal periods in which individuals develop different skills. When becoming young adults and the challenges are harder and harder to keep up with - why not be comfortable around innovation and use it to find a solution? Samsung made the leap from SAYING, to DOING something as a brand. So Samsung used all its assets in order to address the most important issues in educational market, giving the fact that in Europe, one of the biggest issues is high youth unemployment. We face the risk of a generation being left behind. Our OBJECTIVES • Raise awareness on vocational career paths with the and available tools to define it • Present to teenagers the vocational app • Notable change in people’s attitude and behavior, measured by the number of pupils reached by the educational caravan, who downloaded the app and got inspired for their vocation. Media: Massive awareness for the Samsung #TomorrowMe program, with live participation at National Television and great coverage from all types of media. Teens will only hear advice if the right people are talking to them, in a way that is familiar and impressive to them. So we created a one-stop-shop for teenagers who wanted to find out more about their vocation and how to exploit the resources they have. What resulted was the first online hub, a premiere for Romanian market, to gather not only information on vocation, but also the most relevant input from key opinion leaders and, moreover, the first connection between an app and the educational system, with all educational steps for every career available and all jobs, structured on levels of expertise, available at the moment in the market. For even greater accessibility, the app is also available as an online platform, which can be accessed on smart device, such as desktop, laptop or tablet, as we know that teenagers today are tech savvy and they spend most of their time online.


What lies behind the first vocational app connected to the educational system and to the actual job market? The app starts from the research data collected during previous years of CSR projects: 1. Vocational test based on Holland profiling was developed and made easy to fill by pupils even between classes. 2. Special motivational content was developed together with key endorser in each vocational profile: social, investigative, entrepreneur, pragmatic, realistic, artistic. 3. Key list of all educational institution to be followed for any career path in the profile mentioned above. 4. List of all available jobs, structured on a career level. Career event in high school – A DIFFERENT TYPE OF EVENT (considered the MOST creative educational happening) The first step we took was to present #TomorrowMe vocational app to teenagers in one high school. But not in an ordinary way! We proposed a career day in one of the best high schools in Bucharest and invited 300 pupils to attend. It was no surprise to see them interested in such a story, but they were waiting for a conventional event and not the surprise we prepared. We partnered up with an actress which started the event with a classic speech supported by a Power Point presentation. When the audience was about to lose attention, we introduced the endorser Deliric one of the most appreciated rap artist, reciting in lyrics the core of Romania, sort of Kendrick Lamar message that vocational orientation may be the winning choice for every one of us. As we know that a job can be more than work, it can be fun and interesting if we like it. We had an amazing feedback from pupils, headed by the young artist who prepare to be an accounted but realized that his talent and passion for music, supported through hard work, can become a daily job. “If this app would have been available, I would have probably been where I am today a few years earlier!” said the artist to teenagers, encouraging them to follow their passion with dedication and hard work. #TomorrowMe Caravan – 100% Success! We reached 6,000 pupils in 6 cities across the country in only one month, after driving the Caravan for almost 3,000 km all over the country to promote the app together with a human resources specialist, a representative of the company which supported the students in installing the app and taking the test; and a role model which presented to pupils the challenges they have and why they should choose the right career.

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