ZENITH MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS - Sarbatoreste Pastele ca in vremurile noastre cu Carrefour!

Category: Best Video Campaign

Client: Carrefour

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Retail / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

In April 2016 Carrefour is launching the campaign called "Sarbatoreste Pastele ca in vremurile noastre!" The idea implied was to celebrate Easter according to traditions but in a modern way, making use of all present day means of communication and connectivity. Obviously, the campaign needed amplification on digital and social media. Shortly after, the famous stand up comedian, Mihai Bobonete, posts on his Facebook page an entry about one of his favourite biscuits he has just bought from Carrefour, a product fit for Easter’s fasting practice. On the spot, Zenith Romania’s Special Projects division, Newcast, seizes the opportunity to create a series of 5 short movies, featuring Bobonete, filmed on location of a real stand up comedy scene. The topics relate to various Easter traditions, narated through a modern perspective. The humor comes exactly from the unusual blend of modernity and tradition and the impact of technology on even the most mundane aspects of present day life. In this context, the campaign line (Sarbatoreste Pastele ca in vremurile noastre) acquires a double meaning: modern day society still abides to the old traditional practices but metamorphosizes them in all sorts of humoristical situations, generated by a heavy use of techology in every day activities. And, obviously, this made for some fine topics, stand up comedy style!


The viral campaign was comprised of 5 episodes, each episode lasting aproximatively two minutes and a half, that were subsequently posted on Carrefour’s Facebook page and on its own Youtube channel. Also, a 15 second promo was produced, announcing the online campaign, broadcasted on ProTV. The topics were Easter spring cleaning, Easter cooking specialities, Easter fasting, Easter traditional lamb sacrifice and Easter family reunion. The actual shooting took place on location at Bucharest’s Club 99, featuring real people that attended the performance. One week prior to Easter, Carrefour posted one episode per day on Racebook and Youtube. The TV Promo role was to invite people to watch the miniseries online. This was a successful case of combining Paid with Owned media in order to generate Earned content. The whole project was a real success, the miniseries becoming in no time very popular online, generating thousands of favourable comments and shares.

Case visual: