ZENITH MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS - Scholl Velvet Smooth Revolution

Category: Best Social Media Campaign

Client: RB

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Other / Participant

Strategy description:

…As we knew the key barrier to purchase for women aged 25 and over was the lack of belief that the product can really work much better than a cheaper standard file (client research) therefore driving the question “why should I invest more?”. “Recommendations from friends” identified in Touchpoints research as the highest influential touchpoint. Enabling Word-of-mouth to generate awareness for the new product, to explain product functionality and convince others on product efficacy seemed the appropriate solution. We focused on Facebook as main dialogue platform to educate, engage and entertain the audience with relevant content.


We engaged 500 ladies in a large testing program. Testers had the opportunity to use the product for free, while were asked to share opinions and reviews on their own blogs and Facebook pages. The authentic reviews were gathered in real time on School Facebook page via a Facebook app. To add traction, best reviews were promoted with page post ads in Facebook and as dynamic content in banners displayed on highest traffic lifestyle websites in Romania. Besides testers’ reviews, banners also featured in real-time headlines reading how many women that tested the new product from Scholl were recommending it.

Case visual: