V8 Interactive1 - ChefXperience 2015

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: Staropramen

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Drinks/Alcohol / Winner

Strategy description:

TARGET INSIGHT For the food pillar, Staropramen’s core target is mainly represented by foodies – urban young people that enjoy cooking and consider it a passion rather than a duty. They are open to experiments and permanently try and adapt to new consumer habits. Besides TV, they like to watch to online cooking shows and they follow cooking blogs or special social media channels (like YouTube or Facebook) dedicated to food. BIG IDEA PAIRING - A COMPLETE CULINARY EXPERIENCE TO MATCH YOUR LIFESTYLE We wanted to talk about food and beer pairing concept in an innovative and surprising way, thus ofering the full culinary experience to our target. In order to make the campaign relevant for MasterChef association, keeping a light and modern approach at the same time, we chose Chef Foa as an endorser. With his help, Staropramen was able to talk about food in a credible way.


THE TV SPOT Our integrated campaign started with a TVC in which Chef Foa adopted 4 different styles, to cook dishes that perfectly match the 4 types of Staropramen beer, underlying the versatility of the habit and encouraging our consumers to join him, in his very own kitchen-studio, to live the adventure themselves! THE INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE We took the idea further and pushed the limits of the experience, by deconstructing it, and turning it into an interactive video experience, within a Facebook app – ChefXperience. An app that gave users access to more than a TV show, more than a cooking demonstration and even more than a cooking class: an interactive one-to-one cooking experience. This way, the target went from witnesses to enablers and adopters, going through 4 lifestyles, associated with the 4 beers, and actively taking part in the process. For 5 weeks, our consumers were invited to join Chef Foa to literally give him a hand in cooking.12 recipes were paired with the four Staropramen beers. The consumers, by answering in real time to Chef Foa’s questions, helped him go throughout the whole cooking process and tested their actual abilities and cooking techniques (eg. preparing the fish/turkey, cutting veggies, etc.). In the end, the main focus was to pair one of the four Staropramen beer with a suitable dish for a complete experience. THE DIGITAL CAMPAIGN The whole experience went from Chef Foa’s magic hands and oven, straight to our partner websites (through interactive banners) and the entire social media universe - through YouTube pre-rolls and fun, juicy posts. The campaign benefited from a special column on FoodStory.ro, dedicated to food-beer pairing and written by Chef Foa, and a lively campaign led by the KOLs who got the chance to enjoy the experience.

Case visual: