Geometry Global - "Raftul bunicii" Launch Campaign

Category: Best Content Marketing Project


Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Fmcg / Participant

Strategy description:

Our objective was to successfully launch a superior quality, premium range of products with a rather traditional name on a market already dominated by established brands with a traditional discourse, having an entrenched, even fanatical user base. Our strategy was to launch an all-out love offensive set to conquer the hearts and minds of young, urban & modern women in Romania, while showing them the way out of a major dilemma: how to translate traditional values and roles (either being a wife, a partner or a mom) in a modern world that demands so much from them. Our basic line of thought? Love is the answer. In a world where getting “likes” is the main social currency, „Raftul Bunicii” shows them how cakes, pancakes, "cozonac" and pies make people really, but really mean it. 


In a world where Shutterstock is king, we chose the path of originality, creating our content from scratch. Execution wise, our approach was to deliver the most modern and honest looking content in the category. More, we chose to do it on a broad front, covering not just Facebook, but also Youtube, Instagram & Pinterest with high quality, modern content.   It wasn’t just a different ”how”, but also a different “what”. Using a proprietary analysis tool we’ve looked into their real needs and found creative answers to them: from providing a step by step modern introduction into the world of baking using animated GIFs that gave simple and clear instructions and build their self-confidence, to helping them experience lesser known parts of the Romanian regional cuisine; from encouraging them to bring the kids into the kitchen, in order to get more quality time together while getting things done, to letting well known endorsers such as Printesa Polonic or Mazilique to give them simple and smart ideas to impress their peers with

Case visual: