Tribal Worldwide Romania - #MecSaysHiToJunimea

Category: Best Social Media Campaign

Client: McDonald's

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Food / Honorable Mention

Strategy description:

Instead of getting ready for a communication crisis like everyone else, McDonald’s and the agency realized that this was the perfect opportunity for a campaign that would create engagement between the brand and the trickiest audience of all: the millenials. Junimea is a closed group on Facebook, in order to find out more about its members, the agency had to secretly join the group in order to monitor its activity and know how to approach its members. After we got accepted in the group, we studied the behavior of its members. We started to understand them and were able to PLAY BY THEIR RULES! For instance, for Junimea members OC = original content, is the only content accepted by this group, “cancer” is used when a post is bad, AMC – that moment when etc. We set the following objectives: 1. Maintain a 70% response rate on McDonald's Facebook page (the usual rate is 100%, but as the agnecy received hundreds of messages per hour, this became a contextualized objective). 2. Obtain a 10% growth of purchase intention of the Combo 1+1 products. Thus, the social media marathon began! We created a message strategy to meet the target group’s needs: INNOVATION and RECOGNITION and focused on real time engagement and the desire to co- create a campaign alongside Junimea members. Thus, we answered in real time the thousands of messages received, in the Junimea tone of voice, followed by a full digital campaign.


First, we answered, in real time, the thousands of messages we received, in the Junimea tone of voice. Junimea members were thrilled! They started posting print screens from the conversations and creating a lot of original content based on what they talked about with the page admins. It was the first time a brand was speaking their own language and trolling them back. Secondly, we created a webpage, on McDonald's official site, dedicated to Junimea group and launched it in the group by contacting the groups' admins and asking them for their endorsement in order to gain the members' trust. We selected the funniest and most interesting messages we received from Junimea on McDonald's Facebook page and published them as content on the website. The Junimea members who arrived on the website were trolled by an infinite scroll through their own messages and if they scrolled for more than 60 consecutive seconds they could win 1+1 products. This way we empowered the messages Junimea members sent us, recognising the quality of the content they created. By strategically choosing to keep the campaign low profile, #MecSaysHiToJunimea became the first Dark Social campaign from a brand on Facebook. There was no media budget involved in the process.

Case visual: