Digital Star Marketing - Funny Reviews Campaign

Category: Best Native Advertising Campaign/Project

Client: Lenovo

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Technology / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Since users are, slowly but surely, giving up on the traditional laptop reviews, we needed to find a type of content they actually wanted to see while bringing positive exposure to our brand. Even more, our target audience was comprised of adults aged 18-35, especially men, with a keen interest in technology. Tech journalists and influencers are also in this demographic and have highly relevant opinions as far as our target group is concerned. Taking all of these factors into account, we decided to reinvent the old, boring format and reframe it as something our target would willingly click to see. We decided to present our product reviews through the eyes of a well-known online content creator with a large offline and online following – Bobonete, the stand-up comedian.


The new Lenovo YOGA reviews were now stand-up pieces centering on Bobonete and his attempts to convince users that any laptop can become as good as Lenovo YOGA 3 PRO. Thanks to the stand-up format, each review was now an original piece of content that users would willingly consume. Each episode weaved in one of the 3 main benefits of the Lenovo YOGA 3 PRO into the stand-up routines’ storyline – flexibility, slimness and the touchscreen. To give viewers another reason to share, we added a bit of a wow-factor with Bobonete trashing the old laptop each time, in an attempt to convert it to the brand new YOGA version. All of the episodes were hosted on a dedicated landing page to which users were directed through pre-rolls and online ads and they each ended with a straightforward conclusion: you need a new laptop and the new Lenovo YOGA 3 PRO is the right one to choose. That’s why right below the videos, there was a direct button to the product page of the top online seller for consumer electronics – eMag.

Case visual: