Digital Star Marketing - The YouTube Content Lab

Category: Best Content Marketing Project

Client: Lenovo

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Technology / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Trying to reach the first place in the minds of Romanians with the same conventional channels our competition had, such as in-store and outdoor media, meant we would be locked in a neverending battle where the winner is the one with the biggest budget. Instead, we decided to be the first IT&C brand that would radically change how we approached our target: we redistributed our in-store and outdoor media budget towards creating social media video content for Lenovo, specifically on YouTube. We started to create the exact type of content our potential users actively search for and interact with, while retaining clear branding and product placement in the content. We created the Lenovo Content Lab.


Over the entire year, we constantly created videos through the YouTube Content Lab that were popular and appealing to our users, while directly featuring & promoting Lenovo products such as smartphones, tablets and laptops in these videos. By enlisting the help of top Romanian online influencers (Micutzu, Bobonete, TV Cenzurat, Corina, Mikey H), we kept our image and message fresh and our brand and products were constantly top-of-mind for the target demographic. By focusing on the relevance of the content first, we reliably created high-value branded content that was shared across national news websites, technology websites, blogs & social media, and generated a large amount of free media exposure in the process. Every campaign featured at least one Lenovo product that was naturally integrated in the video with a script that focused on product benefits and a call-to-action for purchasing at the end.

Case visual: