Digital Star Marketing - Entry name: The Romanians’ Favourite „Mici” Recipe

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Penny

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Retail / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

The first step was identifying the target audience that could resonate with our message. More precisely, we were talking to Penny Market customers, both regular and occasional that fit the following profile: adults aged 25-50, both male and female, with low to mid-level incomes who enjoy weekend barbecues and are constantly on the lookout for the best deals. In order to launch a service that already existed on a very competitive market such as retail, we needed to make an impact with our campaign so we banked on our strong points. One of those strong points, the Penny Market slogan, „Penny knows what you like”, reflected a consumer truth: Romanians shopped at Penny because the entire experience – prices, products, variety – was tailored to their needs. This helped us make a natural transition towards promoting one of the staple foods of Romanians: grilled minced meat rolls also called „mici”. There was only one piece of the puzzle left to be filled. To promote an iconic Romanian dish sold by a retailer who understands Romanians best, we did it in the most Romanian way possible: with the most beloved characters from the Romanians’ favourite TV show: Las Fierbinti.


The stars of the Las Fierbinti TV show started a competition among themselves to create the best minced meat roll recipe in the village, with the promise of a grand prize and pride as the greatest village cook. The characters each added their own twist, creating all 4 of the recipes available in Penny Market stores. Both the TV and the online video ads featured 4 of the most recognizable stars in the Las Fierbinti series: Giani, Gianina, Firicel and Celentano. Their recipes, catchphrases and even the set made everything look like a special episode of the show, thus reducing the negative reactions associated with advertising content. Each actor called out all of his fans to go to Penny Market, pick up his recipe and vote for him in the online competition using the receipt. Using multiple traditional (TV, in-store) and online (Facebook posts, landing page) touchpoints, users were engaged continuously in the competition for the best minced meat roll recipe and it was easy for them to have a say in the final outcome. The online campaign that followed can be described as a continuous conversation between the fans and their favourite TV characters, all of this facilitated and hosted by the Penny Market Facebook page. In social media, the minced meat roll ambassadors were very active, recording highly personalized thank-you videos for those who voted for them and providing them with funny memes (GIFs with famous character catchphrases) so the fans could show their support for their favourite recipe. And show their support they did, with high engagement on all campaign-related social media posts, including flash Facebook contests. In the end, Celentano and his recipe won the competition, but the association between Penny Market and delicious fresh meats was crystal clear to all of the users who interacted with the campaign and enjoyed the dedicated content created by their favourite characters.

Case visual: