white image - Sufletix

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: OLX

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Social campaigns / Participant

Strategy description:

In the last 2 years, OLX started a CSR newsletter campaign in which they announced the type of products donated each day by the users. This campaign proved to be the most successful communication, with an open and click through rate of over 50% than any other previous campaign. Another key advantage of this campaign was the high volume of traffic generated on the website, which can be translated in more business opportunities. As a result, the next logic step in terms of marketing positioning was to develop the idea of helping others. Moreover, after a research of the competition we identified a niche in this type of brand perception. Thus, having acknowledged this background, we identified one of the most important needs of human beings, respectively to be perceived as good and altruistic. Having this in mind, we wanted to create an environment where everyone could identify themselves and find common values. People tend to keep unused things around the house, like old furniture, dusty books, out fashioned clothes or forgotten toys. In this context we created a character to which we can all identify. This personage has super hero abilities and uses them to do good things for people in need. His personality has much in common with real people. Sufletix’s powers come from his will to do good things by donating.


First, we made a branded character, with a logo (a distinctive mark similar with those of well-known comic heroes like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman) a costume, while keeping real human traits like glasses, beard. Also, Sufletix has a call to action message, conceived as a connection with the mass audience: Fii Sufletix, om bun pe OLX! (Be Sufletix, good man on OLX). Each feature of our character was built around OLX’s main audience and brand identity. To promote our idea, we created a micro-website presenting the concept of the donation campaign. On the micro-website, Sufletix suggests you the objects to give to charity. In addition, we implemented a live stream of donations as to be able to see in real time the number of users giving to charity. As for Social Media, we decided to make a Facebook app in which each user can personalize the profile picture and become a superhero as Sufletix. By doing so, we managed to make Sufletix a viral campaign as the customization of the profile picture was linked with the sharing button. Moreover, we designed targeted newsletters for subscribers that already donated and for prospects. As to attract OLX’s users on the micro-website, at the start of the campaign, OLX website was branded with Sufletix banners. We integrated banners in each section of the website, including “your account area”. Facebook was one of the most important media channels of the campaign. Thus, we have integrated sponsored posts and banners, each of them suggesting what people can donate and calling to action messages like being a good person as Sufletix is.

Case visual: