Geometry Global - The Kilometers Bank

Category: Best Social Media Campaign

Client: Ponderas

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Medical services / Winner

Strategy description:

Obesity is still a problem most Romanians overlook. In order to showcase itself as a Center of Excellence, Ponderas had to step outside the medical standards of regular hospitals. Instead of focusing on converting potential patients into surgeries, Ponderas chose to win on the long run. The idea of a long term platform set around prevention was the solution that would position Ponderas as the leading hospital against obesity. The platform doesn’t target only overweight people, as people who have undergone surgery are most of the times persuaded by family and friends to take this scary step for them. Targeting overweight people, their family and friends, Ponderas gained share of voice in communities that otherwise would have completely ignored an obesity hospital. And #TheKmBank soon became the most important platform for fight against obesity.


#TheKmBank is a direct communication platform built on Facebook, between Ponderas and people who practice healthy activities, turning them into brand ambassadors who promote a life style that prevents obesity. The creative idea was set around prevention: turn healthy activities into medical currency. For yourself or for other if you choose to help. And, where there is a currency, there also must be a bank. So, Ponderas launched #TheKmBank, the first medical bank in Romania that stores kilometers. Every time a “client” of the bank makes a deposit, which means a Facebook post with a certain hashtag, he promotes Ponderas’ message about prevention and what this hospital is all about. Then, the kilometers gathered could then be transformed into Ponderas services, such as nutritionist consultations, special analyses and so on, for yourself or for someone you want to help. People rapidly started to open accounts, #TheKmBank spread organically on social media. Bloggers and online influencers shared the story of the first bank that uses kilometers as a medical currency.

Case visual: