As a financial company who first of all needs to inspire trust to its customers, Provident has generally chosen an emotional, true-to-life, but serious line of communication. The new platform “Turn your opportunities into beautiful stories”, launched in 2013, proved to be a real success in terms of sales and brand image indicators, but there was still room for bringing more distinctiveness and likeability to its communication territory.
The opportunity aroused itself when we were asked to develop a digital campaign idea to promote the Provident latest sales promotion: 70 prizes, each of 1,500 lei, to be awarded to Provident customers taking any loan during a period of 10 weeks.
The financial companies are not associated in general with a courageous communication approach, but this time we decided to use self-irony and to create positive and humorist content to improve Provident perception in the online environment.
And thus the promotion became just a pretext for what it became an online commercial “with cojones”. (source: www.bunescu.ro).
The campaign was deployed in two flights: 22nd of July – 16th of August and 5th of November – 4th of December and succeeded to put a smile on the faces of over 500.000 Romanians.
General Information:
Strategy: Being specialized in offering small and fast home service loans to people who aim for a better life, but don't have the financial means to make it happen, Provident still faced a lot of prejudice due to this business model: it was frequently disliked or ignored, especially in the online environment.
The financial crisis, the economic instability of the country and the general distress generated by financial matters, contributed even more to this negative perception.
In this context our challenge was to address Provident brand likeability issue through a different and unconventional digital campaign, having as main objectives:
• to generate campaign awareness (expose the creative content to at least 150.000 unique online viewers, after the first flight and 100.000 after the second flight; attract minimum 60.000 unique users on the Provident web page during the two flights)
• to generate positive association and feedback for Provident via online, among both commercial target and opinion leaders
The campaign targeted existing and potential Provident clients, low to medium income with access to Internet. Opinion leaders from social media like online journalists and bloggers.

During this period of intense financial crisis the Romanians state of mind and soul changed.
According to the World Happiness Report 2013, Romania was ranked number 90 out of a total of 156 countries. The same report shows that this index depreciated in the past years due to the financial crisis. A local study (issued by Provident and Novel Research) shows that the happiness is highly influenced by the financial situation – 7 out of 10 Romanians feel debts as a major psychological distress factor.
It is said that the money are very important when you don’t have them and the poverty mindset takes us over, an attitude which persists among majority of Provident clients. The negative thoughts concentrated on what “one doesn’t have” rather than on “ what one has” can turn into reality due to the negative thinking,
So our mission changed into making people happy - something even more important when you are a financial brand making business in one of the rather unhappy countries on the planet.
It can't be argued that winning money makes one happy. So what would entitle Provident of all brands to put a smile on the face of financially insecure and pessimistic Romanians?
Now that's a question with a rather simple answer: a confusion. Because of the way its name sounds in Romanian, Provident can easily be mistaken for a dental clinic. “Dent” is a suffix that almost all dental practices in Romania add to their name.
Therefore, we acknowledged the confusion and converted it into a self-ironic online campaign, a campaign with a simple message – Provident, unlike dentists, can put the most authentic smile on the Romanians face by awarding them money. (“ProffyDent, YoloDent, BossDent – România este plină de cabinete dentare. Ceea ce noi nu suntem Evident. Insa va aducem cel mai frumos zâmbet, mai ceva ca într-un cabinet dentar.”)
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