Starcom MediaVest Group - Generation A

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Samsung Electronics Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Technology / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Even though there are hundreds of brands targeting Generation Y every day, only few of them succeed to play a role in their lives, to actually bond with them. Why is that? Maybe one of the most important reasons is the fact that Generation Y per se is not an actual target – they are extremely heterogeneous. For youngsters from 15 up to 34 there are very few things that they actually have in common - and these are the insights “at first hand” which have been over abused in last years’ advertising. We realized that the first step that we had to take was to narrow our target in order to come up with something relevant and striking. We would not talk to each and every person in the Generation Y, but with the ones that matter: the ones that set the trends among their group of friends, the cool guys that the others want to be like, dress like, act like. We were actually looking at a specific target group, a new “generation” that cannot be named either Generation Y, or Generation Me; it is a new generation that defies all the rules and has its own life philosophy. The ones that don’t care what people say about them, the ones that decide what is cool and what isn’t, the most difficult target to be lured by brands and advertising. A generation that is defining itself without us perceiving it, but it defining as we speak. We decided that it was high time that someone should introduce to the world this new generation and it’s life philosophy. And we decided that it should be Samsung. And that they should be given a name: So we introduced the A Generation! And Samsung A Series would be the smartphone of this new generation. But how do we make people identify and relate to this generation? And what is the role of our product in this undertaking? By doing what no advertiser in Romania has had the courage to do. Making the exponents of A Generation the heroes of our marketing story! The youngsters we were targeting don’t care about awards winning advertising. They also don’t care if Smiley or Andra are photographed holding our product. All they care about is “where am I in this story?” So we delivered exactly what they were expecting – a campaign with and about them.


We defined the “A Generation” through a huge movement in PR, Social Media, Digital, BTL, OOH, Print, Retail and Subway. We built it around the most powerful phenomena that had struck the young generation in the recent years – the selfie. The selfie is the most used method of self-expression among the youngsters; and self-expression is a core value for the A Generation. First, we created an online platform where all those that felt part of the A Generation could share a selfie expressing their style. The most expressive selfies became the key visuals of our A Series campaign, on dozens of digital billboards around the city, creating a real Selfie Marathon. Then, because youngsters are all about fun and socializing, we gave them meeting points. More exactly, parties, entrance based on selfies. Full party weekends in clubs, where more than 2,000 people took selfies and interacted with the product. In the end, we created a social media manifesto. But it would have passed unnoticed if it had come from a brand (“uncool” as Samsung). We made it possible for the A Generation to create its own anthem! We used vanity as driver and co-created content with our target. So we turned to the youngsters, the exponents of our newfound generation and asked them to describe their values and lifestyle in 3 words. We collected all these words and partnered with the singer KREM who composed a song using them. Then, we transformed the song in a Ringtone, which thousands of youngsters use today! Thus we created a real time campaign where the most expressive exponents of the A Generation were the endorsers of our product!

Case visual: