Samsung is Samsung is the world leader in developing premium technology, including smartphones and cameras. A technology brand has in its DNA the innovation and sometimes the courage to start communicate campaigns in not so trending social media channels.
In Romania, Twitter is used by a well contoured niche, important influencers and brands who are just communicating their products, never joining conversations and being quiet.
As part of its innovative products and strategy, Samsung wanted to communicate also with the niche, to find out people’s choices on Twitter.
The brief was simple clear and challenging: Samsung wanted to “steal the Christmas” on Twitter and to direct users attention to their campaign, not necessarily to focus on one product or a range.

Campaign Objectives:

Perceptual/Attitudinal: Increase awareness on Samsung’s Twitter channel followers and raise awareness over one of first Twitter campaigns in Romania.

Media/engagement: Reach at least 50% of our target consumers. Improve Twitter engagements (retweets and favorites also), replies and mentioning number.
General Information:
Strategy: Besides thinking about what presents to buy to the dear ones, what do people do at the end of the year?

We draw the line and think about our accomplishments in that past year.

And most important, all of us make resolutions!

“In 2015 I want to eat healthy food”, “In 2015 I want to study a new language”, “In 2015 I want to travel more” are just some examples.

Most of our plans require or imply the use of technology, so we asked ourselves: What if people will share their resolutions on Twitter using a simple and catchy hashtag, easy to remember and friendly?

We could then aggregate all the resolutions, put them in categories and then offer people advices and tips for a SMART start of the year and their personal resolution!
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