The GALAXY Note is a “phablet” - combination between phone and tablet, launched in 2011, by Samsung, the undisputed leader of the smartphone market.

The launch campaigns for each new Samsung GALAXY Note generation established this product as a creative device for creative people (first by leveraging the endorsement of Bogdan Naumovici, a well-known Romanian creative director, and then by championing the social cause of creativity in education).

Therefore, in 2014, with the launch of the GALAXY Note 4, Samsung was challenged to identify means of further growing the Note category penetration, by extending brand proposition and making Note’s function and positioning as a creativity enabler relevant and appealing to a much broader audience. In today’s fast paced world, any active professional that aims to be more productive and efficient can benefit from using the GALAXY Note to approach business problems in a creative way.

So, our target was made out of 25-40 y.o., young professionals, optimistic and confident on their success. They are heavy smart device users, now considering them productivity tools for everyday routine (both professionally and personally). They are friendly people with an active lifestyle, interested in the latest fashion & tech trends, also looking to be recognized for using the best performance devices available today.
General Information:
Strategy: While studying our targets’ behavior, we made a common sense observation about creativity: it is powered by ideas and bringing them to life. And, when inspiration hits, it is essential to write your ideas down, or the thought is lost forever.

Actually, many of the things we enjoy today are the result of such moments of inspiration. And because one idea leads to another, if those ideas were lost, so would be all following thoughts.
For those in search of ideas, big or small, Samsung GALAXY Note 4 works as an IDEA CATCHER, as it is a device you can carry with you anywhere and efficiently use to note, research & draw any passing thought or idea.

With this in mind, we aimed to reach the following objectives:

• generate awareness for the launch of the GALAXY Note 4;

• clearly present the consumer benefits – Note 4 encourages & enhances creative productivity;

• Enhance further the “Note” category message – the tool for creative minds;
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