In August 2014, Lenovo Romania was launching a new smartphone: Lenovo S860.

The Romanian mobile market is extremely active. New phones are launched monthly and, in the eye of the consumer, Lenovo is not yet an established, trustworthy brand.

What was our challenge?

• communicate in a memorable way the key benefit of Lenovo S860: up to 3 day battery life;
• generate purchase intent;

Our target: adults & young adults, with urban background, heavy smartphone users – for them what their smartphone can do is just as important as battery life.
General Information:
Strategy: The idea of our campaign came from a simple observation.

If you own a smartphone, you’ve been there, too: that „panic moment” when it runs out of battery, right when you’re reading something interesting.

For our target, having the energy and freedom to achieve more in style, is essential. A smartphone that offers up to 3 days of battery life can keep them up to date and truly on the go. And most of all, it can help them avoid the “panic moments” caused by the phone battery dying after just a few hours of usage.

Once we found this insight, we needed to present it in a memorable way, using the appropriate context and media channels.
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