Samsung, the world leader in developing premium technology, including smartphones and cameras, globally launched in May 2014 the Galaxy Kzoom, a smartphone with amazing photo technology, with 10x zoom, making it a hybrid between a smartphone and a camera: the ideal device for both urban settings and out of town trips.

What made Galaxy Kzoom stand out were the high quality photography capabilities and the fact that it can be used for real-time networking on Social Media. With summer just around the corner and the holiday and travel season approaching real fast, it was just the perfect time to start a campaign that would help us highlight out product.

Photos are the heart of Social Media so we wanted them to be the heart of our campaign also! We built an innovative communication campaign that lasted three weeks, with a surprising approach for the category, worthy of an award due to its angle and its results.

MSLGROUP The Practice and Starcom MediaVest Group as the second agency worked closely together on this campaign.
General Information:
Strategy: Target
The Galaxy Kzoom target consists of mainly young adults who keep up with IT&C news and updates and turn to these trustworthy information sources when choosing a smartphone. They are people who constantly have their smartphones on their sight and their device fits their personality, their habits, and most of the times even their personal style. It is essential in socializing and keeping up with friends and news. The young adults we targeted constantly read blogs and were extremely active on social networks.

After analyzing our target and identifying their social networking habits, we realized what we needed to do was to persuade them into communicating through great photos and share high quality content on their profiles.
However, we were addressing a wide target, with different habits and preferences, which was very hard, if not impossible to reach as a whole without a clear concept, memorable even, after reading a status or a Call to Action on Facebook or Instagram.

• generating Social Media conversation about Galaxy Kzoom
• coming up with a potentially viral hashtag
• promoting the habit of taking quality pictures with the smartphone
• activating the Romanian Instagram community
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