15 million trees are being cut every year in Romania. Greenpeace and several national NGOs started campaigning against abusive deforestation. This is one of the hot topics in Romania.
In May 2015 was scheduled the biggest manifestation yet against abusive tree cutting.

Elefant.ro is the oldest online book store in Romania and one of the first promoters of e-books. The deforestation context presented itself as an opportunity for Elefant to claim its role as the main promoter of digital books on the Romanian market while supporting the cause.
General Information:
Strategy: Tracing the root cause, the obvious fact was that trees are cut down to serve a purpose, more than a third of them being destroyed to make paper. To save the remaining trees, they had to fulfil a purpose without being cut down.

But what if a tree could give you a book and still be alive?

The simple, but clever way to do this was to develop an app. Using image recognition algorithms, the Read a Tree app is able to detect if a tree appears in the photo or not. It could be any of the 100,000 species in the world. If a tree is detected, the app would give a free e-book. All this without QR codes or fancy markers. Right after the scan, the tree picture could be shared on Facebook, compelling others to do the same.
Targeting book enthusiasts and environmental supporters, the app endorsed the fight against deforestation, but also promoted Elefant’s collection of e-books.
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