Kinecto International - Adoptă un Ș

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Kinecto

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Other / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Looking around us, all we can see are people online, on their phones, tablets or computers, at work or having fun. What are they doing? Communicating, most likely. Expressing feelings, asking questions, making decisions. Using words to transmit every feeling, every desire, and every announcement. In this world in which we are constantly connected, how we get our message across is important. Is the message clear enough? Is it understandable? Is it easy to read? Does is carry unnecessary complications? As Romanians, all these questions have a more complicated answer. We speak Romanian, a language which features the 26 characters in the Latin alphabet, plus 5 more: what we call diacritics. Diacritics are vital in Romanian: their usage or lack of can completely transform sentences and complicate the communication. Target audience: every Romanian who has access to a computer, uses Social Media Channels to communicate with his friends, uses text messages. Public people, bloggers, online journalists. Newspapers, companies who advertise online. Basically, everyone who writes online. Idea: Show everyone that the Romanian language sounds wrong without diacritics and to prove that writing as you speak – with the correct use of diacritics – is not that difficult


We launched a special adoption campaign for the Romanian diacritics. Called „Adoptă un Ș”, the campaign imagined a hypothetical universe, one in which diacritics don’t exist in the Romanian language. For this, we collaborated pro bono with contemporary writers and artists (Veronica Niculescu, Cezar Paul Bădescu, Florin Iaru, Marius Chivu and Dan Byron) and asked them to recite or sing a paragraph from their own books or songs, without using diacritics. We then created a series of videos and shared them on YouTube. Our goal was to show that in Romanian, diacritics are essential. Also, to prove that what other people might see as ”saving time” (not using diacritics in written language) is not worth the omission of the 5 special characters. We launched a Facebook Page to further promote our cause, where in addition from posting the videos we asked people if the language is better with or without diacritics. The campaign also featured a landing page where everyone could find information about diacritics and how to install and use them on every operating system. We showed them how easy it is to install the Romanian keyboard on their devices.

Case visual: