Starcom MediaVest Group - Sete de Crapi

Category: Best Native Advertising Campaign/Project

Client: Heineken Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Drinks/Alcohol / Participant

Strategy description:

We launched the biggest branded content project, involving the users in the casting phase, building on the association of Neumarkt with fishing. Media channels used: 1) ONLINE IBU sites Pro TV Social media assets Direct mailing 2) TV – main TV station Pro TV – secondary station (for cross promo)


Neumarkt launched with the first TV Series in Romania dedicated to fishing. 10 weeks of TV presence 24 short programs, each broadcast 5 times 8 weekend recaps 208 billboards IN & OUT broadcast outside the ad break, next to the programs Product placement in each show Beer & branded umbrellas Logo exposed on clothes of the participants “Neumarkt supports the Romanian fishing movement” tag exposed through official logo and on branding materials present on site 407 promos broadcast on & Pro TV 8 editorial news about the show 4 news on Pro TV (PT) with repeats next morning 5 news on, with 5 repeats each the next day In online we had: Special branded section on Branded display banners & mobile, which advertised the competition (during the subscription period) and the TV show Facebook posts Direct mailings During the contest phase, users were invited to subscribe into the application with a photo with their biggest catch.Over 600 users posted their photos into the application, sharing great fishing stories. 3 of them went to the finals, being taught by 3 professional fisherman how to perfect their fishing skills.The contest subscription phase was advertised through display banners, pre-rolls and Facebook posts. The TV Series phase was advertised through display banners, pre-rolls and Facebook posts. Furthermore, it was announced through a direct mailing campaign, sent to the database containing all the users which subscribed into the competition.

Case visual: