Category: Best Performance Campaign


Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Food / Participant

Strategy description:

In order to achieve a bigger unique reach, we wanted to avoid the overlapping of TV viewers with digital users and in the end to be able to estimate unique reach TV+DIGITAL. Because our agency have a proprietary consumer research (CCS) that identifies the consumer behavior including media consumption we could identify the “NON TV watchers” = people in our target that do not spend time or spend less time in front or a TV device. We have decided to place the TVC on Youtube and target here only the “non-TV watchers” (with the targeting tools/options from Youtube). We could define the NON-TV watchers by using the CCS data and match life statements with Youtube interests for our Target audience


We have considered Youtube as another TV channel and we have decided to exclude from our YT target the TV watchers and to focus the YouTube campaign only on non-TV watchers (in our campaign target audience) In order to do that we have defined a behavioral pattern using CCS, so we were able to identify the TV watchers within the online environment and exclude them from the YT target. Moreover, we have limited the frequency capping to 1 view per user. This measure ensured the maximization of the campaign reach, within the budget limits. For example we had eliminate from targeting the users with interests in TV or TV series.(among other more specific interests for people that are heavy TV watchers) One of the very interesting findings in research was that we should target only women in order to better achieve our objectives.

Case visual: