Category: Best Interactive Experience


Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Fmcg / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Romanian design is more and more appreciated and there is a trend around local designed clothes. Similarly, wearing modern clothes with a touch of authentic Romanian motifs is one of the latest fashion trends. Why not give a special task to the talented Romanian designers? Moreover, why not giving people the choice to customize the Dero pack? The packaging of the detergent was handed to Romanians, to re-imagine it and give their own interpretation of it. Under the statement ‘Dero is Yours’ , we opened a challenge to Romanian design enthusiasts, whether professional or not, to design a new Dero pack. The response we received was impressing: 150 designers showcasing a new packaging design. The work "Romanian" signed by Lana Dumitru was declared the winner by consumers’ votes on Dero’s Facebook app. Lana designer won Romanian’s hearts with her collection reinterpreting old carpets folkloric motifs in her design. Her design was, as promised, brought onto the shelves, making the subject of the packaging for the DERO limited edition. Besides the new packaging, a limited exclusive collections and 5 unique clothing creations signed by Lana Dumitru were created specifically for this campaign. We engaged young women audience around fashion, as they could win a Lana dresses collection with limited edition Dero pattern. National women celebrities (singer, TV show host, TV presenter) wore designer’s clothes to stir desire and motivate young women to participate in the contest where they can exclusively win the limited edition clothes.


The role of media was to ignite conversations and engagement through key opinion leaders. The paid media drove huge digital PR around the celebrities involved: Loredana, Teo Trandafir, Andreea Esca, Dana Rogoz, Oana Cuzino, proudly wearing Lana's creations, covered in pictorials, advertorials, online articles and Facebook posts. Loredana wore the dress in her concert, Teo in the TV show, PR articles, print and online advertorials spread the news about the collection and stirred interest for young women to apply for winning a 5 pieces collection of their own. Advertorials: http://www.unica.ro/articol/stil-romanesc-122939 http://www.csid.ro/lifestyle/noutati/p-loredana-se-imbraca-in-prospetime-13905953/ Digital/TV/Print/OOH/Indoor/PR worked together to spread the word about the contest.

Case visual: