Category: Best Interactive Experience


Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Finance / Participant

Strategy description:

What we did to achieve the business objectives? 1. Recruit 50% new consumers for the on-line banking service, with 50% more than in 2013. 2. Increase with 10% the overall on-line banking transaction in 2014 vs. 2013. Our source of business was both existing loyal Piraeus bank customers and new ones that are on-line & tech savvy, busy, always on the go. Even if they are digitally educated, they look for easy fixes and simplicity since time for them is very important, so they appreciate brands that come with solutions to make their active lives easier. So simplicity in communication message and surprising the audience were key in achieving campaign objectives. The strategy was to prove that Piraeus is an up-to-date bank, in line with the times. We launched a brand new mobile app to complete the existing online banking service and the communication strategy was to show that: YOU HAVE PIRAEUS BANK WHEREVER YOU GO


We started placing yellow location pins in all sorts of unexpected places in real life, creating surprise by taking the Pin out of the regular place people would expect. The media we selected created a mind association with the ‘location’ idea that the Pin represents. So we placed big Piraeus Winbank Pins on the streets, in the subway, on the Google Maps inside a taxi ordering App. When using the mobile application for ordering a cab, the Piraeus Bank pin would point the user’s current location and directing the user to the mobile App Store for downloading the win bank Mobile Banking App. Pins could be found online, even featured as presents St. Nicholas day presents, when you looked up for buying shoes on e-commerce sites. We developed a special on-line project on St. Nicholas day, when traditionally gifts are left inside cold-weather boots, the pin was placed inside the virtual shoes for users while Online shopping to be reminded of the New York trip present. TV featured the Winbank Pin pointing the possible win of the hard craved-for location: New York. Radio spots and special digital display promoted participation, inviting users to enroll to the online banking website. We educated the benefits of using Piraeus Bank on-line banking services through online advertorials. The campaign to promote Winbank ran for 2 months, November – December 2014.

Case visual: