Interactions Marketing SRL - Click Easter Fun Fest

Category: Best Performance Campaign

Client: Telekom / Clickshop

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Telecom / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

PROBLEM: How to make a sales campaign that will stand out, against all those 100 similar campaigns? INSIGHT: During the Easter holiday, there is a rising trend on Google Search for "music festival". People start to organise their summer agenda and search for upcoming music festivals and lineups. STRATEGY: Make use of this rising trend on Google and communicate the Clickshop discounts in the form of a music festival you should not miss.


We created Click Easter Fun Fest. And because the central point of every music festival are the bands, we created the following lineup (fictional bands with names that resemble real bands, using the name of discounted Clickshop products): - 30 Seconds to Microwave - Red Hot Electric Oven - FatSmartphone Slim - Electro Blender Brothers - Arctic Congelator Monkeys Media used: - Google (search - including keywords liked to festivals, display), - Facebook (posts, ads) - Projects on WeTransfer, Yahoo Login - Preroll Youtube - Radio - Email

Case visual: