Interactions Marketing SRL - The Martisor tree

Category: Best Native Advertising Campaign/Project

Client: Interactions

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Other / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

PROBLEM: Holidays lost their meaning, turning into annoying times, when we spend a lot on impersonal gifts and receive another boring ones. Thus, we started to re-gift them over and over again. Our challenge was even higher because our target was businesswomen, pragmatic and with no time to invest in emotional acts. And we had to impress with little money. INSIGHT: An old Romanian tradition says that wearing a red & white thread will accomplish our wishes if we knot it in a fruit tree. That tiny wire bonds us as Romanians, because it’s deeply rooted in our culture and was there to fuel our childhood dreams. IDEA: An analog Martisor Wish Tree that fulfills the cyber wishes.


We used our best skills to create a personal experience. All clients received on March the 1st a teaser email : we told them to be ready to receive a special gift that will fulfill their dreams. When gifts arrived at their reception desk, we sent them a SMS to go and pick it up (triggered by the position of the courier). Every client got a little wishing fruit tree, a little spring symbol (martisor) and the message to make a spring wish, because we’ll make it come true at the end of the month. Every tree had a QR code, our clients scanned it and arrived on a landing page. Here, they were asked to type their wish, leave their their email address, a reminder to tie their red and white Martisor cord on the tree, at the end of the month. All their wishes arrived in our email box and, on the last day of March, every client got their personal wish turned true. For example: a client wished for sunny weather, so we gave her a pillow shaped like a sun to keep it in her office as her own personal sun.

Case visual: