Interactions Marketing SRL - SEAT - Kilometers left until your holiday

Category: Best Mobile Branded App

Client: SEAT

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Auto / Participant

Strategy description:

PROBLEM: How to make a discount campaign without communicating in a boring way "SEAT at a special price"? INSIGHTS: It's summer, our potential customers love to spend most of their free time outside (e.g. at a terrace) with their friends. A hot topic is "where are you spending your holiday/ where could we go over the weekend?". Playing with the mobile phone while sitting at the table is already a common custom. STRATEGY: Focus our campaign around mobile devices (while still having a desktop alternative). Communicate price discounts as holiday opportunities: a smaller price means more money available for fuel and for the holiday itself. Since our users actively seek holiday ideas, we considered that this type of approach will increase the perceived value of the discount.


We created "SEAT - Kilometers left until your holiday". With a new SEAT ready to take you on the road, the holidays might be closer than you think. Using the GPS feature of the mobile phone and Google Maps we would offer users ideas for unusual holiday spots (and of course the distance/ itinerary to that spot). Media: - Google, Facebook (Very small bugets)

Case visual: