Digital Star Marketing - The Indygen vlog show

Category: Best Content Marketing Project

Client: Indygen

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Telecom / Winner

Strategy description:

In order to connect with our target audience, we had to find a communication channel that they were already using on a regular basis. Plus, we had to find a voice young people really trusted. Due to its incredibly large audience and power of a stamp of approval, Doza de Has – the biggest video blog community in Romania – was our first option.


We teamed up with one of the most prominent voices of the young generation, Mikey H, the most popular Romanian vlogger. Our goal: create the first Romanian interactive video blog: Doza de Has Special Edition, powered by Indygen. The show could be viewed exclusively on the Indygen Facebook page. Just as in the case of the Indygen SMART SIM, fans had the POWER TO DECIDE the course of action of the Doza de Has show. For the first time, the show was customized from start to end, for each unique viewer. How did we manage that? During the Doza de Has show powered by Indygen, Mikey H received phone calls on his new Indygen number from those users who were viewing the show in that specific moment. To put an end to the “annoying” interruption, Mikey sent a SMS to the viewer. The message asked the viewer to give Mikey H. a call after the end of the show. When users dialed Mikey’s Indygen phone number, they were greeted with random funny messages. Some lucky fans were even called back by Mikey. Their reactions were simply amazing. Right before the show ended, Mikey offered a final surprise. He pulled up his t-shirt to show his new tattoo with the viewer’s name. The entire experience we created was meant to show that the Indygen smartSIM is fully customizable. Indygen is both able and willing to meet the teenagers’ need of a truly personalized telecom service. You can see the full Doza de Has show here:

Case visual: