Digital Star Marketing - BILLA Social Catalogue

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: BILLA Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Retail / Winner

Strategy description:

We wanted to convince BILLA Facebook fans that their Likes matter, that they have the power to influence the value of the discounts available in BILLA stores. 
We set out to involve them in a conversation and prove that this supermarket chain can quickly adapt prices and product offers to its customers’ wishes.


We created the first Social Catalogue – a catalogue in which Facebook users (BILLA fans or not) decided the discount value of the products with a simple Like. Each day a new product was published in the Catalogue Facebook App and simultaneously in a post on BILLA Facebook Wall. People were invited to Like the product if they were interested in purchasing it with a discount. According to the number of Likes reached in 24 hours, the product could be bought in BILLA stores, in the entire country, with a discount up to 50%. The value of the discount was directly proportional to the number of Likes gathered (this info was made clear from the start). The Social Catalogue was dedicated to women as the launch coincided with the 8th of March, Women’s Day.
 With this simple action we proved that in BILLA stores, customers’ Likes do matter!

Case visual: