Category: Best Video Campaign


Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Auto / Winner

Strategy description:

The target audience of Chevrolet Trax are young families. We have started from the insight that some of the main activities families are doing online are: playing games, sharing pictures, booking the next holiday or looking for ideas about spending time with the entire family. The solution to the client brief & objectives was to create a game that challenged the users to find some objects into an interactive video. As reward for finding all the objects the user could upload a picture that was shown for 10 seconds on the biggest Romanian digital OOH (the center of Bucharest on COCOR store facade).The participants could also win a 5 days VIP drive test & a holiday with Chevrolet TRAX.


We have designed a dedicated landing page for the project. We have adapted the layout to the campaign season (winter) and we have illustrated the car & her main target audience so our target could easily identify themselves in the picture. On this platform we’ve placed a webcam that transmits live (in real time) what was happening on the digital OOH from the COCOR store facade. The users automatically received the picture with them being displayed on the digital OOH and they could like/share their achievement (for viral spreading). It was the first time in Romania when user generated dynamic content was displayed in real time on a digital OOH. We’ve used a lot of technology to integrate online, video, game, social media & digital OOH. For example to get live images from the digital OOH and to publish them online on our landing page, we needed some specialised programing skills and we've legally “hack” the webcam of the digital OOH website to get the live images (this saved time & resources to install our own webcam especially for this project) We’ve seen a very positive feedback from users and 40% of our visitors wanted to get on the digital OOH and be famous for 10 seconds.Also we have notice that a lot of pictures with children were uploaded in our databases.

Case visual: