Twenty Media - Control la san

Category: Best Social Media Campaign

Client: MedLife

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Pharmaceutical and healthcare / Participant

Strategy description:

The main goals of the advertising campaign were to deliver the MedLife message to as many Romanian women as possible and to persuade them to be proactive when it comes to keeping a close eye on their well-being and health. Objectives - Awareness - Lead generation Audience Women, 25+


A Landing Page was created, in which women could find useful information concerning breast cancer, as well as the best way to prevent, discover and treat it. Users also had the possibility to schedule an appointment with a renown MedLife medical team directly on the website, through a simple form. To support the Landing Page we launched a Google Advertising campaign that included: - Search Ads - Display Ads (Banners) - Remarketing (Search & Display)

Case visual:

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