Digital Star Marketing - The Creativity Manifesto for Galaxy Note 3

Category: Best Native Advertising Campaign/Project

Client: Samsung Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Telecom / Winner

Strategy description:

The tension that we decided to tap into was coming from the fact that, as a natural consequence of the life stage they attained, most of them are parents of young children. The children of the revolution are now the parents of the next generation: the shapers of the future. But how can they encourage a forward-thinking, experimental approach in their young, if they have been confined within a mentality that labels creativity and freedom of expression unprofitable, politically subversive, the key to failure? Just as smartphones change generations, so do people! The children of the revolution are now the parents of the next generation, the shapers of the future and Samsung Galaxy Note’s target audience. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should go beyond its positioning as a product for creative people and change the mentality of a nation, from NORM to CREATIVITY through a social statement proving that, paradoxically, our target’s own generation’s creative thinkers are today’s top of society. Our educated target laid their educational foundation under communism strict developmental rules, therefore ended up by under rating creativity, considering it a rare talent and not cultivating or encouraging it, despite being essential for succeeding in today’s society. Even our educational system has a very rigid curriculum which delivers uniformly developed graduates who have to find their way in a very competitive environment afterwards. Being creative, spontaneous and open minded is the key of success for upcoming generations. We needed to shift perception, prove the importance of creativity and establish our product as a tool for its development.


Interactive tactics – Creative (why & how): Given the opportunity to change the point of view of a nation towards creativity, we looked at its top: the most successful people, the ones everyone looks up to and aspire to be, the ones that dared to step outside the lines despite the impact of communism education. Under the aegis of “Creativity Manifesto”, we gave voice to top Romanian creative influencers (e.g. music producers, actors, architects, designers, stage directors, creative directors and many more), who shared experiences related to the criticism they received in their youth for expressing their creativity and tips for encouraging creativity in the young. And if there was any doubt left in the skeptical parents’ minds, we had one more solution, to let them be convinced by someone they actually listen to: their own children. Therefore, step two was about proving the power of imagination: children were invited to draw the perfect toy, while designers brought them to life, in plush – the evidence that whatever you can dream of, you can make and achieve. Samsung Note 3 positioned itself as a Creativity activist that helps reshape the nation’s mentality. Interactive tactics – Communication and Media (why & how): “Creativity Manifesto” gathered 40 individual testimonials in a dedicated YouTube channel (36 out of 40 influencers voluntarily joined the cause) and the generated educational content rapidly spilled into social media, being shared between parents, teachers, educators and media. We further amplified the voice of creativity by implementing the concept of “native advertising”, capitalized in the perfect match between our campaign’s message and the mission of no. 1 media content publisher in Romania - Pro TV “Think free!”. In consequence of this “native media partnership” brand content was naturally placed in the context of the user's experience. Nationwide press joined the conversation and a petition in favor of creativity was sent to the government, triggering in short time a positive response: we were invited by The Ministry of Education to discuss the 1st legislative initiative to introduce Creativity in the curricula of schools & kindergartens; the necessary legislative initiatives and procedures were started.

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