Mindshare - Rexona Do More

Category: Best Video Campaign

Client: Unilever

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Fmcg / Participant

Strategy description:

We chose mainstream sports (biking, skiing, running) as our main communication ‘hook’ for the DO: MORE campaign to inspire and energize Romanians to be active in a way that fits them! The first sport to start with was biking, BECAUSE: In the urban areas bikes are seen as a great option for spending the free time. 1 on 3 urban residents used a bike in the last 3 months and 25% of urban residents plan to buy a city bike in the near future. Bike sharing initiatives (in parks) are starting to appear in all major cities of Romania. Bikes can be made to fit all needs, genders, seasons, locations (urban or rural)!


We thus started scouting for the communities, key opinion leaders and events that could help Rexona make its message heard. An online aggregator was created by Rexona on Gazeta Sporturilor website presenting a calendar of events for all the sports lovers. A permanent section on the Gazeta Sporturilor website was also documenting every event that took place in Romania, enabling people to get more involved with sports. Rexona was present at different events for sport lovers: Bike competitions, Triathlon, ‘Skirt bike’ competition or Marathons. Additionally, the bikes in one of the central parks of Bucharest were branded with Rexona. As part of the Spring Promotion, a 2 weeks of running the Tour of Romania on bike was initiated. The first cross-country biking relay race was organized by Rexona. The activation had a simple mechanism: register on the website for a 30km biking trail to take the Rexona bike from one city to the other. Each week, a different city is announced in the Morning TV show on Antena1 as well as the lucky winner. She/he would get the Rexona bike to ride it for the 30km and to hand over the challenge to the next city. If the 30km are completed, the rider would receive a brand new bike from Rexona so that the Rexona Tour bike could keep going from one city to the other. Tour of Romania on bike meant: • 2 weeks of running the Tour of Romania on bike • 10 cities covered by the tour of Romania • 10 winners of personalized bikes • 60 hours of TV communication for the Rexona sponsorship of the Tour of Romania The presenter of the morning show at Antena 1, Dani Otil, was also an endorser of all of Rexona’s communication and online activations, given his passion for sports and extreme outdoor activities. Toma Coconea, the national champion of paragliding and a contender for the European title was also chosen as an endorser. Rexona supported him in the X-Alps competition, a 1,000km straight-line that competitors need to make by foot or paraglide in the shortest time possible. The competition was live streamed on the competition’s website and Tomi’s paraglide was featuring Rexona’s proud logo. Based on online recruitments, the most active sports enthusiasts for different extreme sports were chosen by Dani Otil and Tomi Coconea for special adventurous sessions of enduro, flyboard, paragliding, MTB, etc. A special promotion landing page was developed on Rexona.ro – ‘Construieste bicicleta care ti se potriveste!’ Users had to choose one of the 3 types of bicycles available, collect the 5 key parts of a bike, and enter the lucky draw. By adding a code from the Rexona summer promotion (“Rexona iti daruieste bicicleta care ti se potriveste”), the user would increase his chances by 5.

Case visual: